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Restoration Plugins for Pyramix

  • CEDAR Retouch Software Plug-in for Pyramix


    CEDAR Retouch is a huge leap forward in sound processing technology. Unlike conventional restoration tools, it allows you to define the temporal and spectral content of the sound you want to remove. This makes it possible to identify noises as varied as coughs, squeaky chairs, page turns, the creak of a piano pedal and even [more]

  • CEDAR Dehiss Software Plug-in for Pyramix


    CEDAR dehiss is a fully-featured package for cleaning up audio for post, CD and DVD mastering, soundtrack restoration, broadcast, and sound archives. It is remarkably simple to use, but is nonetheless a powerful and effective package that allows you to: 1) audition cleaned audio and adjust parameters in real-time 2) render back to disk in [more]

  • CEDAR Decrackle Software Plug-in for Pyramix


    CEDAR decrackle for Pyramix doesn’t only remove the tiny clicks, crackles and “grunge” from vintage discs and vinyl LPs… it removes many types of buzz, and can be extremely effective at reducing amplitude distortions. With no parameters for you to worry about, CEDAR’s adaptive algorithms will identify and remove all of these noises automatically, making [more]

  • CEDAR Declick Software Plug-in for Pyramix


    With both manual- and auto- declick capabilities, CEDAR declick for Pyramix performs at high speed without sacrificing CEDAR quality, and addresses the widest possible range of scratch and click removal problems. auto declick allows the user to process part or all of an entire playlist as an off-line process. Remarkably, there is no need for [more]