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  • Audio Developments AD071 ENG Mixer


    This mixer from Audio Developments has been designed for a variety of applications. However, its small size (13.5×9.5×4.0cm) and low weight (400gm), lends itself to being mounted on a camera or attached to a belt. It has 3 inputs and two outputs with limiters on microphone inputs and the main outputs. There are two configurations; [more]

  • Audio Developments AD114 Edit Mixer


    AD114 has been designed especially with miniaturization in mind. The brief was to design a mixer suitable for working with a new generation of laptop edit systems. The resulting mixer not only meets this demand but exceeds it in every respect. It is certain to find applications in every field of live and recorded sound [more]

  • Audio Developments AD144 Studio / Remote Mixer


    AD144 provides wider customer choice with regard to location mixing, but also presents applications in small studios and OB vehicles. Customized extruded metalwork developed for the AD140 series creates a robust chassis appreciated by audio professionals. With four outputs and four auxiliaries, M-S stereo facilities on inputs and outputs, transformer balancing throughout and comprehensive monitoring [more]

  • Audio Developments AD146 Studio / Remote Mixer


    AD146 is available in 6, 8, 10, 12, 18 and 24 transformer balanced inputs and four transformer balanced outputs. Mic/line, mono line, and stereo line input channels are available providing complete flexibility of module choice and arrangements. Using two connectors for each input position means that each module is completely interchangeable with another. An additional [more]

  • Audio Developments AD147 Studio / Remote Mixer


    AD147 has electronically balanced mic/line inputs and electronically balanced outputs. Transformer balance is available as an option. There are two independent Aux. outputs with pre or post fader switch able M.S. decoding on the inputs and outputs. A separate row of input connectors which permit mic and line input to be plugged into the same [more]

  • Audio Developments AD149 Drama & Location Film Mixer


    AD149 is ideal for the film and drama mixer. The location sound engineer of today demands more features and control from a portable mixer, and after years of research, the Audio Developments design team created the AD149. It sets a new standard for the 21st Century by offering potential and sophistication together with a revolutionary [more]

  • Audio Developments AD161 ENG Mixer


    AD161 has been designed to meet the needs of today’s new gatherers. For speed and efficiency crews have been reduced to the bare essentials and so cameras, lighting, and sound equipment need to be quick to set up, reliable to use and produce the first class quality sound and pictures viewers have come to expect. [more]

  • Audio Developments AD162 ENG Mixer


    AD162 is the first Audio Developments mixer designed with an LCD meter in place of the traditional analogue type, creating the opportunity to fit a significant number of facilities into a much smaller space. The mixer, while having all the attributes of the AD161 ( its mono counterpart), is only 25 per cent greater by [more]

  • Audio Developments AD245 Drama & Location Film Mixer


    AD245, the smallest of the EFP style mixers, is available in six and eight input. This mixer has transformer balanced inputs, high pass filter, equalizer, pan pot pre-fade listen, and long stroke linear faders. The stereo output is transformer balanced, and can be monitored on meters and headphones. There is a limiter with link facility [more]

  • Audio Developments AD255 Drama & Location Film Mixer


    AD255 features and specification are based on the well established AD245 Pico Mixer. Two auxiliary sends and channel direct outputs are the main additional features. As with the other models within the range, professional components are used throughout. Two LCD meters display – either PPM or VU – monitor the main output, auxiliary output and [more]

  • Audio Developments AD256 Drama & Location Film Mixer


    AD256 is another addition to the Audio Developments Ltd range of portable mixers, having comprehensive facilities set out in an ergonomically friendly design and all contained within a robust and rugged aluminium case with a relatively small footprint. The features and specification are based on the well established AD255 Mixer. Input channel limiter, continuously variable [more]

  • Audio Developments AD261 ENG Mixer


    AD261 stereo ENG mixer has four mic/line inputs, pan pot routing, and two transformer balanced outputs. Additionally, it has a multi-point connector for send and return to a camera plus an unbalanced output to back-up your recording on a portable DAT machine. The AD261 has line-up tone, talk-back facilities, M.S. decoding and monitoring, pre-fade listen [more]