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  • DACS Clarity Headlite 3 Headphone Amplifier


    The DACS Clarity Headlite 3 is a four channel headphone amplifier with four inputs and six position monitor select for each amplifier that provides high level, crystal clear output into any headphones. Headphones are an increasingly important tool for audio production. Ensuring the very best performance from headphones requires they be driven by a dedicated headphone [more]

  • DACS Clarity Headmaster Monitor Controller


    The DACS Clarity HeadMaster is a D-A converter, monitor controller and headphone amplifier. D-A conversion from Crookwood coupled with DACS’s renowned clarity and detail in the analog domain creates a uniquely impressive, multi-purpose device. Ideal for recording, mastering, and mixing engineers and producers, the Headmaster has been designed for critical listening from a variety of [more]

  • DACS Clarity MicAmp 2 Solid-State Microphone Pre-Amp


    The DACS Clarity MicAmp 2 is almost certainly the finest two channel, ultra low noise, discrete component based microphone amplifier available in the industry today. If a microphone pre-amp adds anything more than clean gain to the audio signal on its way from the microphone to the recording medium, whatever that extra is, it then becomes an [more]

  • DACS Freque II Ring Modulator


    The DACS FREQue II Ring Modulator (pronounced FREAK) is two ring modulators and two oscillators with external CV inputs which work concurrently with the internal variable FM. Frequency Shifting adds and subtracts the oscillator frequency to the frequency of each harmonic component of the music inputs, and outputs them separately – the possibilities are virtually [more]

  • DACS Test Lab Multifunction Test Unit


    The DACS Test Lab is the perfect portable trouble-shooting solution for all pro audio engineers. It is an easy-to-carry device that addresses all the problems that could be encountered, and is a must-have tool in live sound, installation, and studios. Relieve pressure from those high-tension moments: test cables; test speakers; test power; test connections; shine [more]