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  • MERGING NADAC Digital Audio Converter


    MERGING NADAC Digital Audio Converter was born out of the repeated request from Merging’s mastering and recording engineer customers to provide a DAC for the audiophile market. This would be for their own customers, the music lovers, the high-resolution lovers, the purity lovers, a DAC able to reproduce the same experience, the same transparency they, [more]

  • MERGING PLAYER Digital Audio Server


    MERGING PLAYER Digital Audio Server restores the concept of the audiophile music server and makes your life simple again. The combination of the best music player available and the best sounding DAC allows you to access your music library from a tablet and connect directly to your amplifier or listen on headphones with the purest [more]

  • MERGING POWER Digital Audio Power Supply


    MERGING POWER Digital Audio Power Supply: Critical acclaim suggests that MERGING PLAYER and MERGING NADAC sounds amazing so that would indicate that our designers selected a fine power supply. There is a body of opinion that maintains that removing all AC components from the chassis should improve the performance even more. MERGING POWER is the [more]

  • Merging Technologies Hapi Small Format Network Audio Interface


    The Merging Technologies HAPI is the son of their Horus. Born from the most flexible and sonically transparent audio interface and providing the same RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity as its father, HAPI is both the perfect primary interface for smaller systems as well as the ultimate accessory for a system using Horus where control room [more]

  • Merging Technologies Horus Networked Audio Interface


    Horus might be one of the worlds most sonically transparent Mic Pre’s. Horus might also be one of the most phenomenal AD/DA boxes on the market. Horus could very well be the ultimate answer to anyone wanting Analogue/AES/MADI interconnectivity in the room they work in. It is a revolution in “bang for buck” technology and [more]

  • Merging Technologies Ovation Audio and Event Sequencer


    Combining the unequalled power of MassCore DSP, virtually limitless I/O and bussing, Full VST support and complete integration with the award winning Pyramix Virtual Studio editing system, Ovation provides a robust new platform for use in any live or fixed event For applications ranging from theatre playout, live events, fixed installations, hotels, cruise ships, theatres, [more]

  • Merging Technologies Pyramix Digital Audio Workstation


    A new era now begins for PyramixTM with our latest technological breakthrough called MassCoreTM. MassCoreTM is a new and incredibly powerful real-time engine for Pyramix and offers an increased level of processing and channel count so great that Pyramix now becomes, quite simply, the most powerful digital audio workstation in the world today. Pyramix MassCoreTM [more]

  • Merging Technologies VCube HD Video System


    VCube is a video hard disk based video player/recorder system designed specifically for use in audio post production. VCube can operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a multi-system network fully integrated with Pyramix through standard Ethernet. It offers sync to PAL, NTSC, 24fps Film and all the HDTV frame rates. VCube can [more]