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  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Distorter


    This is the original and still the only studio unit dedicated to just adding valve produced harmonic distortion to sounds, with no solid state components in the way. This unique unit has changed little since its introduction in 1998. There are 3 basic settings for the type of distortion: 1. T gives the typically “musical” [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Distorter 20th Anniversary Edition


    Thermionic Culture is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the launch of the Culture Vulture Distorter 20th Anniversary Edition. The release will be limited to 120 units supplied with Mullard and Phillips factory valves and a signed certificate. It differs from the original in that it has much lower background noise using Sowter transformers to balance [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 Distorter


    The Culture Vulture Super 15 showcases several inspired new features. The Drive switch has three positions with a +10dB option sitting squarely between Normal and Overdrive enabling users to make their sounds “a little more crunchy” with increased brightness. The Drive knob now goes all the way up to 15 rather than the decidedly more [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Earlybird 2.2 Tube Mic Pre-Amp/EQ


    The Earlybird 2.2 contains 2 channels of very high quality valve pre -amplification. The circuit design utilises a ‘push pull’ ‘class A’ type of amplification in order to provide ultimately clean gain, giving the lowest noise and distortion figures possible in a mic pre-amplifier. The input and output transformers have been designed by working together [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Earlybird 4 Tube Mic Pre-Amp


    The Earlybird 4 contains 4 channels of extremely high quality valve pre-amplification. Originally made in black in 1999, this is a special “revival” limited edition in red (limited to 49 only). The black edition is still available with the updated circuitry.. As the individual channel circuitry in this version of the Earlybird has been simplified [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard II Summing Mixer


    The Fat Bustard mk II is an all valve passive input summing mixer. It has 14 inputs with 4 stereo inputs, 4 mono pan-able inputs and 2 ‘Aux’ inputs with a pan switch. The Fat Bustard is unique in it’s exceptional sound quality and also the extra degree of control and processing it offers over [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Freebird EQ


    The Freebird is a 3 Channel valve Equaliser and comes in Thermionic Culture’s half rack design format and has a built-in but detachable power supply. It will work normally as a stand alone unit but if desired. The Freebird can be put in a Thermionic Culture 19 inch rack case together with another unit to [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard Summing Mixer


    Following on from the phenomenal success of The Fat Bustard summing mixer whose features include Attitude, EQ, stereo width, and of course a big fat sound, we find there is a demand for a similar warm sounding summing mixer with more channels at a lower price, keeping the unique Attitude control. Enter the Little Red [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Nightingale Tube Mic Pre-Amp/EQ/Compressor


    The Nightingale is a 2 channel mic amp/equaliser and also a mono compressor, based around the now classic Phoenix design, with summing facilities included.The 2 preamplifiers with EQ and the compressor can all be used individually or may be combined in 3 different modes by using the summing section. This can be done whilst still [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 Compressor


    The Phoenix HG15 is a single channel version of our classic Phoenix Stereo Compressor with the same gentle “variable mu” type compression curve though it becomes near to a limiter at high compression levels. The gain has been boosted to suit mic inputs, particularly valve and FET condenser types, but many moving coil types, such [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor


    This is the latest development in the evolution of the classic Phoenix compressor, first introduced in 1998. After requests from mastering engineers the MasterPhoenix was introduced in October 2006. This was more recall-able with indented pots and slightly different power supply and metering circuit, in which trimming the meter alters the current through the compression [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB Compressor


    The Phoenix SB is now the standard production version of the Phoenix compressor. Alongside the now classic circuit design of the original Phoenix, it incorporates the sidechain filter controls from the previous standard Phoenix SC model with the new addition of an HT standby switch. The additional HT Standby switch allows the user to put [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Pullet EQ


    The Pullet is a passive EQ which has a sharp focus on mid range frequencies. The Pullet will provide the EQ network to a signal but will reduce the signal level so that a preamplifier with a gain of up to 40dB is needed in order to lift the signal back up to unity gain [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Rooster Tube Mic Pre-Amp/EQ/Distorter


    The Rooster is a 2 channel all valve preamp with EQ and distortion controls. It is designed for a wide range of applications and can produce a large range of tones, harmonic distortion and subtle dynamic control. The preamp can be used to add gain to mic, line or DI input signals. The double triode [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Swift EQ


    Thermionic Culture has combined the best classic e.q. ideas from the USA and the UK plus its own special features developing The Swift – an all valve 2 Channel Stereo Equalizer (named after Britain’s fastest flying bird) which is quick and easy to use with a very laid out front panel. Frequencies have been carefully [more]