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Delays and Synchronizers

  • Sonifex RB-FS42 Audio Failover Switcher


    The Sonifex RB-FS42 Audio Failover Switcher is a smaller channel count version of the RB-FS82, offering a lower number of inputs and outputs. It is a more cost effective solution where failover is needed for a smaller number of sources/destinations and supports all of the features of the RB-FS82. The device has 4 main + [more]

  • Sonifex RB-FS82 Audio Failover Switcher


    The Sonifex RB-FS82 Audio Failover Switcher is an important tool in many critical areas in telecommunications and broadcast chains. The device has 8 main + 2 standby, stereo analogue audio, AES/EBU digital audio and RS232 connections (both inputs and outputs) and can be configured via Ethernet for two main operational applications: For switching of program [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DS2 Delay/Synchronizer


    The RB-DS2 is a stereo audio delay synchroniser used for resynchronising audio to video following delay processes such as standards conversion, transmission delay, logo insertion, video aspect ratio conversion and network delays. It can be used for fixed installations to correct a permanent audio delay, or on an intermittent basis to provide occasional correction, for [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DS2R Remote Switch Panel For RB-DS2


    The RB-DS2R is a remote panel for controlling up to 4 separate RB-DS2 units from a single 1U 19” rack-mount panel. The unit has 4 rotary switches, each with 8 available selections numbered 0 to 7, used for selecting the delay time in frames. On the rear of the unit are 4 x 15-way D-type [more]

  • Sonifex RB-PD2 Profanity Delay


    The RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted. It features an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between 2 and 55 (*) seconds of delay to be built up live whilst “on air”, whilst maintaining the correct pitch. The delay can [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DD4 Delay


    The RB-DD4 4 channel digital audio delay allows you to delay 4 mono channels of audio independently or together. Each channel delay is user selectable from multiples of common video frame rates, or a user defined value set via the serial interface. The unit is perfect for synchronizing audio to video which has been delayed [more]