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Audio Loggers

  • Sonifex Net-Log Audio Logger (2TB HD & 2 Stream License)

    The Net-Log is a new way to record and play audio. The Net-Log overcomes the inherent unreliability of PCs for long-term recording by providing a dedicated hardware recording platform that uses a simple network connection for audio playback. Playback software on a network connected PC streams the audio to the desktop where it can be played out or saved as a file.

    The Sonifex Net-Log is a 4 channel audio logger which can record weeks of programming on a large internal hard-disk. The unit was designed as dedicated hardware for reliability reasons, i.e. there’s no PC motherboard in this machine. Although PC based systems are great for playback, they generally aren’t robust enough for continuous recording 24/7/365. The Net-Log was designed from the ground up to offer:

    -High reliability for continuous operation.
    -High quality audio (mpeg compressed).
    -Compatibility with existing broadcast & Windows based systems (bwf files can be saved).
    -Automatic operation with very simple to use software.

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