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  • Sonifex RB-RK1B 1U Front Rack Kit For Small Redboxes (Black)

    For rack mounting smaller (28cm) (11”) units the optional RB-RK1 (Red) or RB-RK1B (Black) kit can be used (which include 4 off M6 panel fixing screws).

    The RB-RK1 can be used with the following products:-

    RB-SC1 Sample rate converter

    RB-UL1 Unbalanced to balanced single converter

    RB-UL2 Dual unbalanced to balanced converter

    RB-BL2 Unbalanced to balanced bi-directional converter

    RB-PA2 Dual stereo RIAA phono amplifier

    RB-LI2 Stereo line isolation unit

    RB-DDA6A 6 way AES/EBU digital distribution amplifier

    RB-DDA6S 6 way S/PDIF digital distribution amplifier

    RB-DDA6W 6 way word clock distribution amplifier

    RB-MA1 Single microphone amplifier

    RB-MA2 Dual microphone amplifier

    RB-ML2 Stereo microphone & line level limiter

    RB-SL2 Twin mono, or stereo, limiter

    RB-SM1 Single stereo to mono converter

    RB-SM2 Dual stereo to mono converter

    RB-LC3 Light/Power controller

    RB-MM1 Mix-minus generator

    For more information, please visit this product's webpage.