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  • Audessence ProCoder-3 FM Broadcast Audio Processor

    Audessence introduces ProCoder-3, a fully-featured final FM processor / stereo – RDS encoder combination with optional IP control.

    Older FM sites can have their sound upgraded easily and at modest cost. Many transmitters and audio links suffer from overshoots that make it impossible to optimise loudness and audio quality!

    This product includes low frequency compensator and advanced HF overshoot inhibiting algorithms for getting the best modulation yield (and therefore coverage) out of all FM transmission sites.

    ProCoder-3 also solves the perennial problem of where to locate FM audio processing by taking care of all the audio processing and peak control tasks required at FM transmission sites, bringing modern DSP technology to solve problems that equivalent analogue products typically do not even address. Preferred multiband processors can be located at the studio for convenience, and ProCoders deployed at the FM site or sites set to sonically transparent mode.

    Perfect peak control is assured by overshoot-compensated 16kHz Lowpass filters, antialiasing main clippers and even a digital composite clipper (running at over 1.5MHz) if required. Post-clip filtering options allow experts to optimise sound quality and loudness trade-offs.

    Composite connections include 19kHz sync output and RDS/RBDS /SCA input. Inputs include digital (AES-3) and balanced analogue, and these can fall back to secondary input if primary audio fails. Control is via USB (front panel) and RS2-232 (rear panel) with TCP/IP option available. A total of 9 presets are held in ProCoder’s non-volatile memory. DSP software is upgradeable via the GUI (Windows software included, with free upgrades). Future enhancements planned include a stereo enhancer and RDS / RBDS encoding options.