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Dolby Encoding

  • Sonifex RB-VHEDD8 Dolby Encoder


    The RB-VHEDD8 is an SDI audio de-embedder and re-embedder with Dolby® E Encoding capabilities. Dolby E encodes up to 8 channels of audio into two channels of an AES digital audio stream which is then embedded onto any of the available groups within each of the two video output paths. The encoded Dolby E bitstream [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DEED8 Dolby Encoder


    The RB-DEED8 is a Dolby® E Encoder. It encodes up to 8 digital audio channels into a single Dolby bitstream output. There is also an extra Dolby output for connection to monitoring equipment.

  • Sonifex RB-VHDDD8 Dolby De-encoder


     The RB-VHDDD8 is an SDI audio de-embedder and re-embedder with Dolby E & Dolby Digital Decoding capabilities. It de-embeds and decodes a selected Dolby E or Dolby Digital bitstream embedded in the video input. The outputs from the decoder and the de-embedder can then be re-embedded onto either of the two SDI outputs and also [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DEDD8 Dolby De-encoder


    The RB-DEDD8 is a Dolby® E & Dolby Digital Decoder. It decodes an incoming Dolby bitstream and transmits the decoded outputs on BNC or D-type connectors on the rear panel. The Dolby input is also looped through to allow connection to other Dolby receiver equipment.