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HD Video

  • Merging Technologies VCube HD Video System

    VCube is a video hard disk based video player/recorder system designed specifically for use in audio post production. VCube can operate as a standalone unit, or as part of a multi-system network fully integrated with Pyramix through standard Ethernet. It offers sync to PAL, NTSC, 24fps Film and all the HDTV frame rates. VCube can also be connected through 9-pin machine control to any third-party DAW system.

    VCube is already proven as a standalone system with Pyramix or 3rd-party DAWs and within multi-system network configurations. Whether its connecting to Merging’s own Luxor Media Server or 3rd-party servers VCube offers the final tapeless solution for broadcasters and Film houses. VCube offers absolute synchronization at any frame rate between Pyramix and VCube is key to the high level of integration. Time-line zoom, cut, move, copy and paste functions for audio and video media can be simultaneously applied to both systems.

    VCubes are capable of creating a watermark (Image and Copyright text), Alpha Channel, Output Mask, Composition encryption and password protection as well as User Administration rights with a customizable interface for each user. Text overlays are handled in real-time by adding a text clip with all the standard text formatting properties plus frame rectangle, background, opacity.

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