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  • Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard Summing Mixer

    Following on from the phenomenal success of The Fat Bustard summing mixer whose features include Attitude, EQ, stereo width, and of course a big fat sound, we find there is a demand for a similar warm sounding summing mixer with more channels at a lower price, keeping the unique Attitude control.

    Enter the Little Red Bustard.

    This new unit utilises the same input circuit and Attitude section as the Fat Bustard, using the same type twin triode valves.

    Instead of having eqs and Stereo Spread, etc., there is only the AIR control which works on the very high end. Because the unit contains no solid state in the audio path, the use of this control will enhance the sound with a lovely velvety sheen typical of the best all-valve equipment with none of the harshness found in some solid state units.

    The output stage is very similar to that of The Fat Bustard, except that for reasons of space and heat, smaller double triodes are employed. All valves are mil spec NOS types. The max output level is still well above plus 20 dBv, adequate for any DAW.

    All inputs and outputs are on XLRs, with inputs semi floating and outputs unbalanced.

    A balancing box containing 2 Sowter transformers is available if required.

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