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  • DACS Clarity Headmaster Monitor Controller

    The DACS Clarity HeadMaster is a D-A converter, monitor controller and headphone amplifier. D-A conversion from Crookwood coupled with DACS’s renowned clarity and detail in the analog domain creates a uniquely impressive, multi-purpose device. Ideal for recording, mastering, and mixing engineers and producers, the Headmaster has been designed for critical listening from a variety of analog and digital sources.

    A professional studio monitor controller is not simply an over-grown volume control. In addition to regulating overall monitoring levels a controller must also provide swift and seamless switching between various signal inputs and between a choice of monitoring outputs. However, a monitor controller is not just the control centre of the studio monitoring set-up, it is also the quality centre; any compromise will inevitably affect everything that follows.

    The DACS Clarity Headmaster is an inspired combination of elements, and each of its component parts has a stellar pedigree. It marries the Crookwood DAC – used in the very best mastering studios – with DACS’ own award winning analogue clarity and detail.

    Accurate monitoring is not a studio luxury, it is a professional necessity. And just plugging the DACS Clarity Headmaster into your powered speakers will immediately bring a world-class upgrade to your audio environment.

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