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  • The CEDAR DNS 2 On Location for Live Broadcast, Documentaries, News and Interviews

    8 February 2017

    Watch the video: the DNS 2 on location

    We’ve been asked many times – by live broadcasters, documentary film makers, news reporters and other interviewers – to explain how they can use the CEDAR DNS 2 dialogue noise suppressor on location. There are many answers to this, but we felt that we could explain it best using a short video to show one in use in real situations such as alongside a highway or in an industrial area. So, on the basis that a picture (or in this case, a moving picture) is worth a thousand words, we made one.

    As you will see, the CEDAR DNS 2 is so small and light that it will drop into a recorder bag. And, with a 12V input, analogue and digital I/O, and high quality mic pre-amps, it’s all that you might need for optimum live broadcasting or recording. Whether you’re on location, on a noisy soundstage, or even reporting from a conflict zone, we think that you’ll be stunned by the simplicity of the CEDAR DNS 2 and the results that you’ll obtain from it.

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