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  • DACS Clarity MicAmp 500 Solid-State Microphone Pre-Amp

    With the DACS Clarity MicAmp 500, what you hear in the live room is what you get in the control room. This ultra-low noise microphone amplifier delivers very fine detail, and a strikingly realistic sound. The frequency response is flat (for non phantom mode) down to below 1Hz at the bottom and does not start its tailored high frequency roll-off until above 45kHz. The CMRR (common-mode rejection ratio) is hand trimmed at mid and high frequencies to very high tolerances.

    Working with the DACS Clarity MicAmp 500 is brilliantly straight forward in any 500 series chassis. The MicAmp 500 has a twelve position self-cleaning rotary switch that sets gain in 4dB steps from 20dB to 64dB. This coupled with the detailed scaling on the trim control makes settings easily repeatable.There is ultra-fast protection on the input so that any fault condition doesn’t damage the amplifier circuitry.

    The three position bass roll off switch offers a flat response and the option of two cut-off points at a nominal 30Hz and 80Hz. The cut-off point and slope of the filters have been designed to give a wonderfully smooth response.This response is maintained when removing the low rumble with the roll-off set to 30Hz and the same is applied when dealing with more mains type noise on the 80Hz setting. In addition the filters have no effect above their cut-off frequency. The balanced output is a fully floating servo type output which delivers the same level into a balanced or unbalanced destination. The output’s balance is hand trimmed to +/-1% accuracy and can delivery up to +22dB into 600R.

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