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Studio Processors

  • Thermionic Culture Swift EQ


    Thermionic Culture has combined the best classic e.q. ideas from the USA and the UK plus its own special features developing The Swift – an all valve 2 Channel Stereo Equalizer (named after Britain’s fastest flying bird) which is quick and easy to use with a very laid out front panel. Frequencies have been carefully [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Little Red Bustard Summing Mixer


    Following on from the phenomenal success of The Fat Bustard summing mixer whose features include Attitude, EQ, stereo width, and of course a big fat sound, we find there is a demand for a similar warm sounding summing mixer with more channels at a lower price, keeping the unique Attitude control. Enter the Little Red [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 Distorter


    The Culture Vulture Super 15 showcases several inspired new features. The Drive switch has three positions with a +10dB option sitting squarely between Normal and Overdrive enabling users to make their sounds “a little more crunchy” with increased brightness. The Drive knob now goes all the way up to 15 rather than the decidedly more [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix HG15 Compressor


    The Phoenix HG15 is a single channel version of our classic Phoenix Stereo Compressor with the same gentle “variable mu” type compression curve though it becomes near to a limiter at high compression levels. The gain has been boosted to suit mic inputs, particularly valve and FET condenser types, but many moving coil types, such [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Distorter


    This is the original and still the only studio unit dedicated to just adding valve produced harmonic distortion to sounds, with no solid state components in the way. This unique unit has changed little since its introduction in 1998. There are 3 basic settings for the type of distortion: 1. T gives the typically “musical” [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Fat Bustard II Summing Mixer


    The Fat Bustard mk II is an all valve passive input summing mixer. It has 14 inputs with 4 stereo inputs, 4 mono pan-able inputs and 2 ‘Aux’ inputs with a pan switch. The Fat Bustard is unique in it’s exceptional sound quality and also the extra degree of control and processing it offers over [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix SB Compressor


    The Phoenix SB is now the standard production version of the Phoenix compressor. Alongside the now classic circuit design of the original Phoenix, it incorporates the sidechain filter controls from the previous standard Phoenix SC model with the new addition of an HT standby switch. The additional HT Standby switch allows the user to put [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DS2 Delay/Synchronizer


    The RB-DS2 is a stereo audio delay synchroniser used for resynchronising audio to video following delay processes such as standards conversion, transmission delay, logo insertion, video aspect ratio conversion and network delays. It can be used for fixed installations to correct a permanent audio delay, or on an intermittent basis to provide occasional correction, for [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Phoenix Mastering Plus Compressor


    This is the latest development in the evolution of the classic Phoenix compressor, first introduced in 1998. After requests from mastering engineers the MasterPhoenix was introduced in October 2006. This was more recall-able with indented pots and slightly different power supply and metering circuit, in which trimming the meter alters the current through the compression [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DS2R Remote Switch Panel For RB-DS2


    The RB-DS2R is a remote panel for controlling up to 4 separate RB-DS2 units from a single 1U 19” rack-mount panel. The unit has 4 rotary switches, each with 8 available selections numbered 0 to 7, used for selecting the delay time in frames. On the rear of the unit are 4 x 15-way D-type [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Freebird EQ


    The Freebird is a 3 Channel valve Equaliser and comes in Thermionic Culture’s half rack design format and has a built-in but detachable power supply. It will work normally as a stand alone unit but if desired. The Freebird can be put in a Thermionic Culture 19 inch rack case together with another unit to [more]

  • Thermionic Culture Pullet EQ


    The Pullet is a passive EQ which has a sharp focus on mid range frequencies. The Pullet will provide the EQ network to a signal but will reduce the signal level so that a preamplifier with a gain of up to 40dB is needed in order to lift the signal back up to unity gain [more]

  • CEDAR HDA Headphone Amplifier


    The CEDAR HDA headphone amplifier is a 24-bit, 96kHz rackmount unit that receives an AES/EBU or SPDIF input and converts it to six individually buffered 1/4″ (6.3mm) stereo headphone outputs, each with its own volume control. Designed to complement CEDAR’s award-winning DNS series and an integral element in the CEDAR CSS-1500 and CSS-3000 Surveillance Systems, [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DHD6 Headphone Amplifier


    The RB-DHD6 digital 6 way headphone distribution amplifier is a 1U rack-mount which receives a digital input signal, as either AES/EBU or S/PDIF and converts it to 6 individually buffered, jack-plug, headphone outputs, each with their own volume control. Useful for connection to digital mixing desks, digital routers and matrices, the RB-DHD6 connects directly to [more]

  • DACS Clarity Headlite 3 Headphone Amplifier


    The DACS Clarity Headlite 3 is a four channel headphone amplifier with four inputs and six position monitor select for each amplifier that provides high level, crystal clear output into any headphones. Headphones are an increasingly important tool for audio production. Ensuring the very best performance from headphones requires they be driven by a dedicated headphone [more]

  • Sonifex RB-HD6 Headphone Amplifier


    The RB-HD6 headphone distribution amplifier is a 1U rack-mount which distributes stereo audio to up to 6 different sets of headphones, or can be used as 6 independent headphone amplifiers, each with their own input and volume control. A typical application might be to provide common headphone feeds for guests in a radio studio, with [more]

  • Sonifex RB-PD2 Profanity Delay


    The RB-PD2 is a stereo audio profanity delay used for live broadcast programs to prevent unwanted or obscene material from being transmitted. It features an automatic audio stretch algorithm that allows between 2 and 55 (*) seconds of delay to be built up live whilst “on air”, whilst maintaining the correct pitch. The delay can [more]

  • Sonifex RB-HD2 Headphone Amplifier


    The RB-HD2 is a high performance 2-way stereo headphone distribution amplifier for driving up to 2 pairs of professional stereo headphones from a single stereo or mono input. A switch on the rear panel enables the distribution of a mono signal to all four outputs (i.e. both earpieces of a pair of stereo headphones) via [more]

  • Sonifex RB-DD4 Delay


    The RB-DD4 4 channel digital audio delay allows you to delay 4 mono channels of audio independently or together. Each channel delay is user selectable from multiples of common video frame rates, or a user defined value set via the serial interface. The unit is perfect for synchronizing audio to video which has been delayed [more]

  • Audessence ALPS-3 Audio Leveler


    Taking control to the next level, the ALPS-3 features full remote-control via both GPI and Internet (IP). For situations where audio parameters need to be changed on a regular basis, fully-flexible scheduling software is provided. All processing parameters can be remotely altered by automation systems to reflect changes in broadcast content.

  • Sonifex RB-HD1 Headphone Amplifier


    The The RB-HD1 is a 1U rack-mount stereo headphone amplifier for driving up to two pairs of professional stereo headphones from a single stereo or mono input. One headphone socket is on the front panel with one on the rear. The main stereo input uses electronically balanced XLR-3 connectors on the rear panel, which can [more]

  • DACS Freque II Ring Modulator


    The DACS FREQue II Ring Modulator (pronounced FREAK) is two ring modulators and two oscillators with external CV inputs which work concurrently with the internal variable FM. Frequency Shifting adds and subtracts the oscillator frequency to the frequency of each harmonic component of the music inputs, and outputs them separately – the possibilities are virtually [more]

  • Audessence ALPS-2 Audio Leveler


    Adding comprehensive front-panel control features, the ALPS-2 is ideally suited to dynamic operating environments, such as outside broadcasts, where instant local adjustment of sound parameters may be required. A front-panel jog-wheel and LCD display provides intuitive simplicty with gain-reduction metering giving direct feedback to the user.

  • Sonifex RB-SL2 Limiter


    The RB-SL2 is a stereo, or twin independent mono, VCA limiter for use in news-rooms and other locations where the correct level into recording equipment is required, but not necessarily under the control of an engineer, for example, for overload protection. It can also be used as an inexpensive main output limiter for small scale [more]

  • Audessence ALPS-1 Audio Leveler


    A tamper-proof solution designed to solve audio level problems – completely! Digital, cost-effective and flexible, the ALPS-1 provides control of perceived loudness, dynamic range and peak level. The design is suitable for all situations where some combination of these three must be powerfully yet unobtrusively controlled. A truly versatile design, ideal for codec protection, satellite [more]

  • Sonifex RB-ML2 Limiter


    The RB-ML2 is a stereo microphone and line level limiter. The unit is mainly used where assistance with level control is required, for protection of mixer inputs and to prevent distortion. Ideal for news-booths, and the input to PC workstations, it provides an economical level control solution.

  • Sonifex RB-DMA2 Solid-State Microphone Pre-Amp


    The RB-DMA2 consists of two independent low-noise microphone pre-amplifiers for converting microphone level signals to a digital AES/EBU or S/PDIF output. Individual analogue balanced line level outputs are also produced for use, for example, to feed talkback systems. The unit can either be used as two independent microphone amplifiers, or one mic input can be [more]