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  • Thermionic Culture Culture Vulture Super 15 Distorter

    The Culture Vulture Super 15 showcases several inspired new features. The Drive switch has three positions with a +10dB option sitting squarely between Normal and Overdrive enabling users to make their sounds “a little more crunchy” with increased brightness. The Drive knob now goes all the way up to 15 rather than the decidedly more conservative Spinal Tap-favored 11. The Function switch now offers further enhancements including special dynamic tunable mid-lift in the P positions, and extra drastically-processed harmonics in the SQ positions. This new unit also has a two position Presence switch as featured on Thermionic Culture’s popular Solo Vulture. The Output Level controls have a -10dB attenuator which can be used in conjunction with Drive +10dB for comparison purposes, or just to reduce high levels. The module’s line plus DI inputs are balanced while the line plus low level outputs are unbalanced. Five NOS military-grade valves are utilized for long life, low noise, and enhanced performance mirroring The Culture Vulture Mastering Plus.

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